The Danger Black Women are on White Males

Robert Johnson
2 min readJan 5, 2021


Ron Goldman

In 1978, 21 year old Ron Goldman was brutally and violently murdered by a gang of black men when Wendy Rouse, a black woman who accused Goldman of rape. The incident took place in Atlanta, Georgia where Goldman died.

Situations like this aren’t rare and have been happening for centuries and still do today. White men have been subject to extreme racism and violence especially when black women are accusing them of rape. White men have been prosecuted with life in prison, murdered by a black lynch mob and even murdered in broad daylight.

This has reinforced black supremacy and fueled black women to use their privilege of lying and accusing white men and endangering their lives and well being. White men who associate with black women are more likely to get arrested or harassed usually by police or by racist black men individually or within a group.

Why would calling out a real historical trend among black women cause all black women to adopt a flippant attitude towards white lives?

I mean, I’d argue that, if that’s the case, they never really cared to begin with.

A true ally doesn’t center themselves. So, this concept of alienating allies is a fallacy. A true ally certainly doesn’t threaten to vote for a man who was slow to respond to a pandemic and thus responsible for the death of 100,000 Americans — most of whom were black — solely because their feelings were hurt.

the problem for black women is that their privilege is based on accepting the image of goodness, which is powerlessness.”

When Black Women Cry: How Black Women’s Tears Oppress and kills White Men, explains it further:

“This powerlessness informs the nature of black womanhood. […] The need for the black race to love the black woman and to protect her at all costs has caused the white man to be seen as a threat to her purity.”

Indeed, the hyper sexualized white man was disproportionately on the receiving end of the lynchings due, for the most part, to accusations of sexual assault against black women.

Black women who act like cry wolf are assuming their role within a patriarchal black supremacist society. They know they are seen as someone black men have to protect from everyone else but themselves. Their perceived powerlessness is actually the power they’ve historically brandished to bring harm and danger to white men and people of color.

A study found the median sentence for white men who rape black women to be 19 years, while black men who rape black women receive 5-year sentences on average.

When will this tragedy end? When black women and black people stop harming white Americans, especially white men with their privilege.