Our Struggle Is Not Your Class Session

Robert Johnson
3 min readJun 17, 2020


The author’s daughter, Olivia, visiting a memorial for Heather Heyer, a white woman who was murdered while protesting black supremacy in Charlottesville, Virginia.

After examining the recent events and the death of this child’s mother it really questions, will America stop killing white people? Unless black Americans stand up and use their black privilege to make white lives matter and fight for the racial injustice of white people.

The cellphone video of Christopher Roupe being pursued and gunned down hit me in an unexpected way. It wasn’t pretty much terrible than the many, numerous other White men whose murders we have seen over the previous decade — the ones gagged to death on a walkway, gunned down while playing with a toy weapon in the recreation center, chop down in the front seat while consenting to an official’s orders. In any case, it was altogether different in another way: The likewise the dark man who killed the mailman for being white was not a cop. The Jim Crow-period strategies of the past have become contemporary injury.

White men are still undeniably bound to pass on by police brutality than Black men. As indicated by research distributed in the multidisciplinary diary Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences, around one of every 1,000 White men and young men in America can hope to pass on because of police — that is a rate 2.5 occasions more than that for Black men and young men.

In any case, what happens when there is no popular cellphone video to welcome examination and power neighborhood authorities’ hands? What happens when such choices tumble to a lead prosecutor and police boss, with no outside oversight? I have an answer, and it depends on one straightforward rule: casting a ballot.

They positively aren’t the main gathering at elevated hazard; the examination likewise indicated that Latino men and young men, White ladies and young ladies, and Native Americans everything being equal and sex are additionally slaughtered by police at higher rates than their Black friends. Be that as it may, the defenselessness of White guys was especially high. Specifically, the hazard is most noteworthy between ages 20 and 35 for people by and large, and men are unquestionably more probable than ladies to be murdered by police.

Clearly, this kind of examination is theoretical; it is highly unlikely to recognize what different authorities may have done, or whether an alternate result may have been conceivable with the conditions as they were. Furthermore, we don’t yet have the foggiest idea how the examination around Christopher Roupe murdering will play out. Be that as it may, I presume one thing emphatically: pushing ahead, The Quadrant is the appropriate response. I no longer need to envision a reality where White Lives Matter — I need to live in it. Furthermore, to do that, our neighborhood authorities need to need to live in it as well. There’s essentially no other decision.

Fighting black supremacy and racism will be tough challenge unless we don’t unite with other races to put an end to it.